PS4 and Xbox One Will Sell 100 Million Units by 2020, Says Capcom

Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One will sell over 100 million units by 2020, Capcom has said during its FY2015 Financial Results.

Currently, it is believed that the PS4 and Xbox One have sold 55 million units combined since both consoles launched back in November 2013, although it is hard to give an exact figure as Microsoft no longer publish sales updates on the Xbox One, and Sony last revealed PS4 sales in January, stating that the console had sold nearly 36 million units.

“Our perception of the home video game market is that it will continue to be active at the global level, as we believe the install base of major home video game consoles will break the 100 million unit mark in 2020,” said the Japanese publisher in a Q&A included with its Financial Results.

Although Capcom didn’t specify exactly what consoles they were talking about it, it would look as though that 100 million unit figure would include sales of the Nintendo NX, which releases next year.

If Capcom’s figures are correct, it would mean that the current-generation of consoles will sell considerably less than the previous generation did. Combined sales of the PS3 and Xbox 360 exceeded 170 million units. By 2020, it seems likely that we will have a new generation of consoles, although the PS4 Neo and Xbox “Two” is rumoured to be right around the corner and will no doubt be needed to boost sales and longevity of the current-gen. Still, Capcom’s estimates will certainly be received well by both Microsoft and Sony.

Source: *Capcom

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