Rumour: Steam Summer Sale 2016 to Begin June 23

As we approach summer, that can only mean one thing; the Steam Summer Sale is right around the corner! That also means that speculation as to when the sale starts has begun and according to some leaked images, the Steam Summer Sale is set to kick off on June 23rd and will run until July 4th.

The Steam Summer Sale will start at 10am Pacific time on June 23rd and will conclude on July 4th, Independence Day for those in the USA. That means that for those in the UK and Europe, the summer sale will be available at 6pm and 7pm respectively and will no doubt bring with it heavy traffic loads to the Steam servers for the first few hours like it does every year. Unfortunately.

The image containing the dates of the Steam Summer Sale was leaked on Reddit and as well as the dates, it also included a warning from Valve to developers not to post event details on the Steam Community or on their own websites until the sale had officially begun. As is always the case though, that rule hasn’t been followed.

Valve contacted developers and publishers in the run-up to their sales to see if they want their games included in the sale and at what price. That involves informing the developers of the dates of the sale.

Steam Summer Sale

If you can’t wait until June 23rd for the sale to start, the Humble Bundle Store are currently holding their own sale which you can check out here.

Is your wallet ready for another round of sales?

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