Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Release in Early 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be releasing in early 2017, BioWare has announced on the Mass Effect website.

Andromeda was announced by BioWare and EA last year and was originally due to release during the holiday season in 2016, but it got pushed back to 2017 earlier this year. Although, that was never officially confirmed by BioWare until now. But now we know that Mass Effect: Andromeda will be releasing on PS4 and Xbox One in the first part of next year.

Not much is known about Andromeda, but BioWare stated that more details about the game will be revealed at EA Play on June 12. Mass Effect: Andromeda serves as a direct sequel to Mass Effect 3 and will be the first game in the franchise to be built for the current-generation of consoles using the Frostbite engine.

“As we’ve been playing the game at the studio recently, it’s showing us that we’re taking the game in the right direction. But we also know we need the right amount of time to make sure we deliver everything the game can be and should be – that’s our commitment from all of us to all of you,” wrote Aaryn Flynn, general manager of BioWare.

“Because of that, Mass Effect: Andromeda will now ship in early 2017. We can’t wait to show you how far we’re all going to go. We’ll see you at the EA Play press conference on June 12, with an update.”

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