EA Games Could Be Heading to the Nintendo NX “If It Makes Sense” for the Company

The Nintendo NX may be Nintendo’s last chance when it comes to gaming consoles, and if it is to be a success the company will need the biggest developers and publishers bringing games to the NX. Thankfully for Nintendo fans, it may not all be doom and gloom as EA have stated that they would develop and publish games for the Nintendo NX if it made sense for them to do so.

When it came to the Wii U, third-party games were rather hard to come by with EA only releasing a handful of games on the platform. Those games included ports of Mass Effect 3 and Need For Speed: Most Wanted, as well as FIFA 13 which released in 2012 and was subsequently the last FIFA game released on the Wii.

Speaking to the BBC about the Nintendo NX, EA Studio’s Executive Vice President Patrick Soderlund stated that the company are in constant communication with Nintendo and that they are huge fans of them.

“I personally and the company are huge fans of Nintendo, they’re the reason why I started making games”, said Soderlund.

“We’re in constant communication with them and when they come to market something – and if it makes sense for us – we’ll be there.”

Nintendo will be desperately hoping that they can bring the biggest games to the NX, including the likes of EA’s best selling franchises such as Battlefield, which was the topic of discussion for Soderlund when speaking to the BBC.

The Nintendo NX is due to release worldwide in March 2017. Although not too much is known about the console, more information about the NX is expected to be revealed by Nintendo later this year, however, it won’t be making an appearance at E3 next month.


Source: *BBC

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