Watch Dogs 2 Officially Announced, will have DirectX 12 Support

Ubisoft has officially announced Watch Dogs 2 during an AMD event, also revealing that the game will have full DirectX 12 support.

As Watch Dogs 2 was revealed during an AMD event, it seems likely that the next game in the Watch Dogs series will be better optimized for AMD graphic cards. Not only that, but as the game will have full DirectX 12 support, Watch Dogs 2 should be one beautiful looking game.

Watch Dogs came under fire when it launched in May 2014 for featuring downgraded graphics compared to the version that was shown at E3 several years before. Hopefully, DirectX 12 will help Ubisoft not make the same mistake twice as other Ubisoft titles have also come in for criticism following downgraded graphics. Recent games, including Watch Dogs, have also suffered from a number of glitches, bugs, and crashes, so it is crucial that Ubisoft get Watch Dogs 2 right first time around.

Ubisoft didn’t reveal any other details about Watch Dogs 2 other than officially confirming that it was in development and that it would use DirectX 12. We know very little about the game, but Ubisoft have stated previously that they plan on expanding upon the original game, meaning that Watch Dogs 2 could be a direct sequel to the first game.

Watch Dogs 2 is expected to be in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and looks likely to release in November 2016. As Ubisoft aren’t releasing an Assassin’s Creed title this year, it looks like Watch Dogs 2 will fill that release gap.

More information regarding Watch Dogs 2, as well as gameplay footage, is expected at this year’s E3 which kicks off on June 14.

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