Power & Revolution Release Date set for April 8 in UK

Geo Political Simulator Power & Revolution will be releasing in the UK on April 8, Eversim has announced. The political strategy game will be the fourth title in Eversim’s Geo Political Simulator series.

The game had originally been due to release in March having already been pushed back previously to allow the developers additional time to work on the title. Power & Revolution will release a day earlier in France than the UK on Thursday April 7 with the UK release coming on April 8. The German version of the game will be released on Monday April 11. A release date for the other languages of the game have yet to be announced however.

Anyone who owns a copy of Geo Political Simulator 3, Masters of the World, will receive a 25% discount when pre-ordering Power & Revolution by using the upgrade option available here. Currently, it appears that Power & Revolution is only available for purchase through their official website, however there is a chance that the game will make its way to Steam as was the case with Masters of the World.

In Power & Revolution, players get to play as the Head of State for any country in the world in addition to being able to opt to play as a leader of the political opposition instead. The game is a geo political simulator meaning that it simulates the real world, allowing you to do nearly everything a leader of a country can do such as managing the various aspects of your countries economy, political, military, social, financial, environmental, energetic, transportation departments. Not only that, but you can also engage in a war game which will see you be able to move your units around the world, attacking or defending your allies and enemies.

For more information on Power & Revolution, head over to their website here.


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