JSAUX Stand Base for Steam Deck Review

JSAUX are a popular brand when it comes to accessories for mobile phones and computers, but they have also branched out to gaming accessories, including the new Valve Steam Deck.

One of the biggest complaints I’ve seen from game players who have purchased the Steam Deck is that it won’t fit into the official dock if it has a protective case on.

To be honest, when you are paying upwards of £350 for a Steam Deck, you want to have some protection for your investment, especially as it’s a portable device that could quite easily get dropped and broken. So, a protective case is a must, really.

JSAUX have released a stand base that gets around that additional bulkiness that a protective case normally brings. Called the JSAUX Stand Base, it’s quite a simple product, but it really overcomes the issue of your Steam Deck not fitting comfortably within a docking base.

Made of aluminum alloy, and with a silicone anti-slip base and rubber protective pads (to prevent scratching your Deck), you simply slide the base onto the official Steam Deck base, and it gives you a wider slot for your Steam Deck to sit into.

I don’t have an official docking station, but it also works with JSAUX’s own docking station (which I will be reviewing soon), though the Steam Deck already fits well into JSAUX’s own dock without using this attachment, so I did it just for demonstration.

Once it slides onto the base, you simply put the Steam Deck into the slot on the base, and hey, presto, it’s sitting well supported at the correct angle for viewing. It’s as simple as that, no messing around with screws or sticky pads. It literally took me 10 seconds to set up.

The JSAUX Stand Base, as I mentioned earlier, is made from an aluminum alloy, so it is incredibly light, but at the same time, it is also very robust and strong. The rubber feet help to stop it from sliding around or scratching any surface.

Whilst it may not look like much, it’s very well made and is actually a really neat idea. If you do have a dock and want to keep your Steam Deck in its protective case, then I can highly recommend this product from JSAUX, and at only $12.99 at the time of writing this article, you should grab one while you can.


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