Destiny: Rise of Iron Trailer Leaked and Exclusive Pre-Order Iron Gjallarhorn

Destiny‘s not so quiet expansion, Destiny: Rise of Iron has today seen a leaked trailer being ripped from Snapchat and released online.

It confirms many suspicions, new enemy factions, new armour, new skins, and a September 20th release date. It looks to revisit the Old Russia setting with a new raid and strikes. Check out the trailer below. Be quick though, it will probably get taken down by the Bungie Lords.

The story for the new expansion seems to be set around the fall of the Iron Lords and the mysterious new enemy faction. It lists new content that will come with the expansion including:

  • New Story
  • New Armour and Weapons
  • New Raid, New Strike
  • New Social Space
  • New Zone
  • New Crucible Maps
  • New Enemy Faction and Bosses

Finally, it shows off the new variant of the infamous Gjallarhorn heavy weapon, the Iron Gjallarhorn, which will be available to those who pre-order and finish the appropriate questline.



Rise of Iron will be formally revealed in a Bungie livestream today at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST – let’s hope they have more to show us.

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