Blockchain Tycoon Review

Do you ever sit at home and think to yourself “I wonder how difficult it is to run your own cryptocurrency mining empire,”? Well, Blockchain Tycoon by developer Wamill offers you an opportunity to explore the world of cryptocurrency mining. So buy yourself a warehouse, plug in those GPUs and get ready to become the Pablo Escobar of cryptocurrency mining.

You start off Blockchain Tycoon by choosing the gamemode and difficulty. Since there is only one game mode currently available in Blockchain Tycoon, that is what this review will focus on. This game mode is called “Single Coin”. After starting Single Coin, you have to sit through a quick tutorial that explains everything that you need to know about Blockchain Tycoon’s mechanics.

Now you are fully equipped to start mining and selling those sweet, sweet Bitcoins. But how does the old saying go? “You have to spend money to make money,” and you will certainly have to spend quite a bit of money to turn an empty warehouse into a giant mining complex with hundreds of GPUs working day and night to turn you from broke to raking in the dough like there’s no tomorrow.

After this, you might want to rush to your nearest PC and buy Blockchain Tycoon from Steam, but not so fast there because Blockchain Tycoon has its downsides as well. One of them is that the game gets boring very fast. After about an hour or so, you will have seen everything Blockchain Tycoon has to offer. This is understandable since Blockchain Tyccon is still undergoing major changes and is constantly being updated, but a lot of people may argue that they shouldn’t have released the game in this state if they didn’t want people to complain about it. Since the game focuses on mining and selling cryptocurrency, one wouldn’t expect a small developer like Wamill to explore and flesh out every single detail concerning cryptocurrency, but it would have been good to include a few more features to make things more interesting and ultimately make the game more fun in the long run.

The progression in this game is also lightning fast, which contributes to the drop off of the player’s enjoyment over time since after only an hour or so you will have completely filled up your warehouse and will be earning thousands of dollars per second. You can branch out and buy other warehouses all over the world that all have different stats for natural cooling, affecting the number of cooling systems needed, and electricity cost, increasing or decreasing the costs of running your mining operation. Apart from that, every new warehouse you buy will just require you to rinse and repeat everything you did for the last warehouse, and so on and so forth, until you have filled up all warehouses. Now you can sit on your pile of money while thinking about which game to play next because you’ve seen everything Blockchain Tycoon has to offer.

The graphics in Blockchain Tycoon are nothing special, but they are good enough. They look like a stereotypical tycoon game, but there’s a reason why this kind of style of graphics has become the norm for indie games like this, and it’s because they are functional.

The environments, however, are a totally different story since they look incredibly bland and boring. They simply took the same warehouse they had designed for the starting location, copied and pasted it a few times, and called it a day. No one is asking for the developers to change every single detail from location to location because that would be way too much to ask of a small developer like Wamill, but a few changes in colour and maybe a different layout of the warehouses, like a second floor, would make the game look a lot less bland.

This is not helped either by the monotony of the gameplay. As touched on briefly before, the game is very much rinse and repeat, and this shows itself in the gameplay, or rather lack thereof. You don’t do a whole lot in Blockchain Tycoon apart from click on a few things and then click on a few more things. It’s not very engaging at all, and it will leave you wondering why you’re still playing Blockchain Tycoon when you could be doing other things. It is very much one of those games that you can have running in the background while doing other things, but then again, why would you want to spend your hard-earned money on a game that fails to get and keep your attention that much, leading to you doing other things while playing it?

In conclusion, Blockchain Tycoon makes it painfully obvious that it is an unfinished game and makes absolutely no attempt to hide it. It could turn into a great business simulation game, but in its current state, you would feel hard-pressed to recommend it.

Developer: Wamill

Publisher: Wamill

Platform: PC

Release Date: 8th August 2018

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