Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6 Coming to the States Later This Year

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney- Spirit of Justice is heading to the West this September and will be an Eshop exclusive. Capcom will release the sixth installment starring the titular lawyer later this year for the Nintendo 3DS, but the company hasn’t given a specific release date beyond the September launch window.

Capcom first confirmed a Western release at last year’s Tokyo Game Show. However, the company offered up a new English-language trailer for the game, which fans can check out below.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney- Spirit of Justice will be bringing back Phoenix Wright in his latest courtroom drama with his fellow defense attorney, Apollo Justice, as well as other colleagues. This game will take place in the fictional land of Khura’in. The mystical kingdom will require Phoenix and Apollo to get in touch with their spiritual sides- since its court system typically uses lawyerless trials.

Spirit of Justice features new gameplay involving conducting séances in order to help solve cases. However, despite the supernatural difference, Capcom promises that much of the game will be familiar to longtime players of the puzzle adventure series.

If fans can’t wait for the game, they can check out the anime based on the franchise, airing weekly on Crunchyroll. They can also check out the older Nintendo DS games on 3DS- The revamped trilogy collection is available now, also digital-only on Nintendo eShop. 


Source: Polygon

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