Overkill upset they can’t support Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Payday 2 anymore

Announced back in February that Payday 2 will no longer be supported for Xbox 360 and PS3, developer Overkill has taken to Twitter stating that they wished they could still support the game on last-gen and that they hate it just as much as consumers that they are not able to do so.

The announcement that the game would no longer be supported on Xbox 360 or PS3 came way back in February alongside the announcement that Payday 2 was releasing on Xbox One and PS4.

In response to comments on Twitter about the end of support for last-gen consoles, Overkill has been referring people to the Steam Community post which revealed more details about the decision and limitations last-gen consoles have.

When told that they shouldn’t have released the game on Xbox 360 or PS3 if they didn’t intend on supporting it for the games duration, seemingly knowing the consoles limitations compared to PC and next-gen consoles, Overkill replied:

As next-gen becomes more and more mainstream, developers are now quickly turning their back on last-gen consoles as they become restricted with regards to what they can do. After all, the Xbox 360 and PS3 are nearly a decade old now and that kind of hardware can no longer keep up with the gaming demands of 2015 and beyond. This is backed up by Overkill who concluded on Twitter that they are focusing on next-gen.

Back in February, Overkill said, “We wish we could provide more updates. For a long time, we’ve been looking at how we could add more updates from a technical standpoint. Sadly, we now understand that it’s impossible to continue doing so.”

“We are confident that we have done everything we could cramming as much content we possibly could on both of the platforms. There are several technical reason as to why”, continued Overkill. “For one, please understand that from a technical perspective, some of these consoles are almost a decade old. While trying to understand why we couldn’t develop more content, we learnt that they don’t have the fire power or memory to deal with 50 additional content updates that we have been developing for PAYDAY 2 after its release.”

“For those of you who play Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and have been looking forward to new updates, you’ll be pissed when you hear this. We hate this too, because there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Unfortunately for Overkill, it seems that they have upset a lot of last-gen gamers…
Do you still play on last-gen consoles? Do you own Payday 2? If so, let us know your thoughts on the situation!
Source: Twitter

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