June Humble Choice Includes Hellblade, GRID, Supraland, and The Messenger

This month’s Humble Choice has arrived for PC and is headlined by Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, GRID 2019 Ultimate and Supraland.

Also included in the bundle are The Messenger, Barotrauma, Felix The Reaper, Men of War: Assault Squad 2, Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones, Remnants of Naezith, Overload, The Stillness of the Wind, and The King’s Bird.

Altogether, that’s a massive total of £212.53 worth of Steam games in one bundle, though your value for money will depend on your Humble Choice tier package.

For the uninitiated, Humble Choice is a unique offering from the Humble Bundle store that provides a monthly list of 12 available games. The number of games that can be picked up as part of the subscription is based on how much you choose to pay. The Basic tier costs $14.99 per month, or $134.99 per year, and grants access to 3 games of your choosing each month. The Premium+ tier costs $19.99 per month, or $179.99 per year, and grants access to 9 games of your choosing each month. There is an additional Lite tier that costs $4.99 per month, or $44.99 per year, but this tier only grants access to the Humble Trove, a selection of DRM-free games that can be played only whilst your subscription remains active.

Lite and Basic tiers also grant 10% discount in the Humble Store, whilst Premium+ includes 20% discount.

The games offered in Humble Choice are redeemable on Steam via CD key, or giftable to a friend, and are yours to keep— regardless of whether you stay subscribed to Humble Choice or not.

Unlike its predecessor, Humble Monthly, Humble Choice allows you to purchase the bundle at any time during the month to gain access to the 3 or 9 games that you select.

If you’re signed up and looking for suggestions, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is clearly the standout from this month’s package. A haunting third-person fantasy action puzzler, Hellblade is based on Norse mythology and Celtic culture but is also a deep dive into psychological trauma and despair. It’s an excellent 8-10 hour journey. Supraland is a first-person Metroidvania exploration game, putting you in the role of Borrower-like plastic toys in an oversized world. In our review of racing game GRID 2019, we called it “simply the best” and scored it 9/10, whilst indie hit The Messenger received 10/10 and was “one of the best 2D side-scrolling action games to be released in years.”

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