Metro: Exodus Gets New Ranger Update, Adds New Game Plus Mode

Metro: Exodus developer 4A Games has announced that the new Ranger update has been released, bringing with it a whole host of performance fixes, as well as a new game mode and custom difficulty settings.

The Ranger Update is Metro: Exodus’ first major patch and is now available to download on all platforms and currently weighs in at around 6 GB.

The standout feature in the update is the addition of the New Game Plus mode which, once players have completed the campaign, grants access to all weapons and attachments that they had unlocked in their original playthrough when they begin a new campaign. The new mode also allows players to change a range of variables allowing players to create their own experience. There are also new achievements and trophies to obtain if those things are for you too.

Through this new mode, players can also customise their experience by changing a number of different modifiers all aimed at providing a more challenging playthrough the second time around. Some of these include making creatures tougher, limiting players to carrying just one gun and even offering the ability to switch on a realistic 24 hour day and night cycle, rather than the current 2-hour cycle.

Here are all modifiers players can change:


My Weapons

  • Allows you to start with all weapons and attachments found in the last playthrough
  • Weapons are granted after freeing Anna in Moscow
  • Starting weapons will be the last loadout that was set in the previous end game save
  • All other weapons and attachments previously unlocked will be available in the Aurora Workbench Armory, first encountered in Volga
  • Player Armor/Wrist upgrades do not carry over

One Weapon

  • Reduces weapon slots to one.  Any weapon can be used in this slot, but you can only take one with you.  Manage this by swapping Weapons in the field or by using the Aurora Workbench Armory


  • Provides Player with the Crossbow at the beginning of the game in addition to normal Weapon Progression. Yermak gives the Player the Crossbow after Jammer scene in Moscow.

Backpack limitations

  • Crafting in the Backpack is disabled, you may only use a Workbench
  • Only Weapon modifications allowed in Backpack



Armored Enemies

  • Human NPCs are upgraded by one level of Armor across the game, if applicable

Tougher Creatures

  • Creatures have thicker hides across the game


  • Human NPCs use explosives more often



Real Time Weather

  • Change the game’s natural day/night cycle from 2 to 24 real hours for complete immersion

Bad Weather

  • Fog, Rain, Snow, and Sand storm conditions occur more frequently where applicable

Radiation is Forever

  • Additional radiation zones will appear across some levels, making the Gas Mask more important



Iron Mode

  • Fully disables the Save System, progress is only saved between levels

Developer Commentary

  • Green Tape Players throughout the game will be available to play Developer Commentary about the area in which it is found

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