Xbox Live Is Currently Down in Europe and North America

Update: It looks like Xbox Live is finally back up and running, according to the Xbox Support website which has listed the Xbox Live Core Services functionality as being back to normal.

Original Story: Xbox gamers in Europe and North America are currently experiencing problems logging onto Xbox Live and are finding themselves unable to play any of their games online, including Apex Legends and Fortnite.

Initially, it appeared that Europe was affected the most, with UK gamers in particular finding themselves unable to access Xbox Live, but over the past hour the issues have spread throughout North America, although at the time of writing, it appears to be the east coast of the USA which is affected the worst. There are more reports, however, starting to come in from the west coast.

Reports of Xbox Live being down started to emerge just before 10pm in the UK. A few hundred reports were made at first through DownDetector, but there have now been thousands of reports made since, nearly all of which relate to users either being unable to sign in to Xbox Live or access any online gaming.

Most users are experiencing the 0x87DD0006 error code, which is given when there are problems signing into Xbox Live. There is sometimes a workaround users can utilize to be able to log back in, but given that this seems to be part of a much wider problem, it’s unlikely any workaround for this error will work.

Microsoft’s Twitter account has been bombarded with Tweets asking why Xbox Live is down. The company has since responded and stated that they are aware of the issues and are currently working hard to resolve the problem. They didn’t say what has caused the outage but added that they will keep gamers updated.

On Microsoft’s official support website, they also confirmed that Xbox Live was experiencing issues with allowing users to sign-in to the service. The platforms listed as being affected include Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox on Windows 10.


Their last update was made at 10.16pm UK time and stated, “We are seeing indications that we are on the path to recovery with the Xbox Live sign-in issues, and we expect to be back up and running shortly.”

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