Fortnite Nintendo Switch Players Will No Longer Be Matched with Xbox One or PS4 Players

Epic Games has revealed in their recent patch notes that Fortnite players on Nintendo Switch will no longer be matched against players on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Previously, Epic Games had supported cross-play between the various platforms; however, they have decided to make some changes to level the playing field for Switch and mobile users. As a result, Nintendo Switch players will now only be matched against other Switch users and those playing on iOS and Android.

Epic Games has since clarified to Nintendo Life that Switch players will still be able to play with friends who are on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 if they join a party together. These recent changes only affect solo players who are joining a game or who are in a Switch-exclusive party. That means that friends can still party up and play with each other across all platforms.

This recent decision will definitely go a long way to making Nintendo Switch players more competitive. They have been hindered somewhat when playing against those on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 due to performance issues, amongst other things. Now that Switch players will be going up against mobile players more frequently, it’s likely that they will now have the competitive advantage for a change.

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