EA Investigating Anthem System Crashes on PS4

Following reports that Anthem was causing system crashes on PlayStation 4 consoles when gamers tried to close the game from the system menu, EA has now officially responded for the first time by confirming that they are investigating the reports.

In a tweet from EA’s official Twitter support account, the company stated that they are aware of the crashes some users are experiencing and are currently investigating the problem. They urged anyone who is experiencing the problem to send crash data reports to them when prompted to do so.

From that tweet, it seems that EA is still not sure what exactly is causing the system crashes despite the problem being reported for several days, and as of yet, they have not released a patch fixing the problem.

The issue has been so bad on the PS4 that Sony has even begun offering refunds to those affected by the problem. While there have been some reports of the game causing crashes on the Xbox One, they appear to be very small in number compared to those on the PlayStation 4. In most cases, it looks like the console works just fine when turned back on following the system crash, but there are several reports from users who have claimed that their PlayStation 4 console has not turned back on following the crash.


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