Final Smash Bros. Video Presentation Recap

Today, the final Smash Bros.-dedicated video presentation was broadcasted worldwide. The video announced the final DLC characters and stages that will come to the game along with details on Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 who was announced not that long ago.

Corrin, the male/female (depending on how you create your character) protagonist of Fire Emblem Fates was announced to join the fight in Smash Bros. Fire Emblem Fates is the newest game in the series and while it is still not out in North America or Europe, the game is already out of Japan. While no new stage was set to accompany Corrin, 2 music tracks from Fates will be added to the Fire Emblem stages already found in Smash Bros.

The most surprising announcement in the presentation was the reveal of Bayonetta  as the Smash Ballot winner. The Smash Ballot was a place for fans of Smash Bros. to voice their opinions on who they would love to see added into the game. Bayonetta was the No. 1 pick in Europe and in the top five in North America. Globally, Bayonetta was the overall clear winner. I could not be more excited, I actually voted for Bayonetta in the ballot so it is great to finally see her in the game. Gameplay footage shows that she will be great at pulling off combos.

Apart from the 2 new characters, Cloud Strife’s moveset was revealed alongside the last batch of Mii costumes were shown. Some of these include Fox and Knuckles from Sonic, Ashley from WarioWare, and Geno from Super Mario RPG.

Cloud Strife is available to download today while Corrin and Bayonetta will be made available in February.



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