Have You Played… WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!?

Today’s game recommendation is a bit on the obscure side. However, on the last Have You Played, I said that for the holidays I would be recommending fun multiplayer games that you can play with others this winter. WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$ is definitely one that you will want to play for some silly and wacky experiences.

This WarioWare title, on the Nintendo GameCube, is actually a remake of the original which released on the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. I will be focusing on the remake since the whole purpose of the original being remade was to add a multiplayer aspect to the game.

If you know anything about WarioWare, then you know that it is weird and it only gets weirder every time you play. The game is composed entirely of microgames. These microgames can kind of be compared to minigames from Mario Party but they are much shorter. Sometimes they only last a few seconds, making completing some of them a challenge. When playing alone you can play the microgames individually but when playing with others, they are used in 8 unique modes. For times sake I will only go through my favorite modes, I will leave all the rest as a surprise for when you do play the game.

My absolute favorite mode is “Kat and Ana’s Wobbly Bobbly”. Great title no? You and 3 other players participate in one larger microgame. The funniest one is where you are these tiny little box people running away from a girl whose runny nose boogers are trying to capture you. The winner of these microgames then moves on to play a regular microgame. If s/he wins this, then everyone else gets a turtle in their stack. If s/he loses, then that person gets a turtle. After every round, everyone tries to balance on their “wobby” turtles. Whoever outlasts the others wins the game.

Another great mode is “Dr. Crygor’s Balloon Bang”. In this mode, all players take turns playing microgames while the others repeatedly press the A button. Pressing the A button inflates a balloon and when it pops, whoever is playing a microgame at the time loses.

You can expect a lot of laughs from playing the various modes found in WarioWare. Watch as time flies when you repeatedly play the microgames over and over again. They never seem to get dull no matter how many times I play them. WarioWare is a great multiplayer experience and you should not miss out on it this holiday season.


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