Rainbow Six: Siege Won’t Be Releasing on Nintendo Switch as It’s “Not Possible”

Ubisoft has confirmed that Rainbow Six: Siege will not be releasing on Nintendo Switch in the future as it’s not possible due to a number of technical limitations.

The news will come as a disappointment to fans who had hoped that Siege would one day make its way to the Nintendo Switch, but due to the nature of the game and limitations with the Switch, it’s not something that Ubisoft can make work.

Speaking with Metro GameCentral, Rainbow Six: Siege brand director Alexandre Remy stated that Siege on the Nintendo Switch would need to run at a stable 60fps and be able to handle the game’s environmental destruction.

‘[It’s] not possible with the technical constraint and especially the frame rate of the game; 60 frames per second plus destruction is a bit CPU heavy and Switch is not yet the Nintendo console where it’ll be,” Remy said.

Remy did insist though that it is an idea that Ubisoft are keen on and that one day they would love to bring Rainbow Six: Siege to new platforms if it is possible from a technical point of view.

‘But overall it’s true Rainbow Six is very much a game where we just want to expand the player base, because the more player’s we do have the better the whole game and services. So if at one point that is a possibility that we have new platforms or new hardware, we’ll likely get there.’

Earlier this month Ubisoft announced that it had cancelled plans to bring Steep to the Nintendo Switch as they felt it would be better focusing those resources on supporting the game with new live content and challenges.

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