Sony to offer gamers a 1TB PS4

Sony is set to offer gamers double storage capacity in the shape of a new 1TB PS4 after two new systems were spotted in new FCC filings.

The first of the two new models is an updated 500GB model which includes internal component changes while the second model is the 1TB model.

The listing was spotted by DualShockers who say it is an evolution of the internal components rather than a redesign due to Sony’s numbering standards as a redesign would normally be marked by a change of the first digit of the model number rather than the change of the second digit from the previous CUH-11XX model.


Although Sony haven’t officially announced the 1TB PlayStation 4 console, they are expected to do so soon and with E3 just around the corner, an E3 announcement could be possible. Sony could set this new model at a higher price mark than the current 500GB model or give the 500GB a price cut with the new model costing somewhere close to the current console.

Source: FCC

Via: DualShockers

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