New Dynasty Warriors 9 Trailer Show Off New Added Weapons

Koei Tecmo have unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming DLC for Dynasty Warriors 9, namely the “New Weapon Pack” DLC. While the weapon pack will contain three different additions to the game’s arsenal, the trailer specifically highlights Zhang He’s signature weapon, the dual claws.

The dual claws allow the wielder to attack with an impressive amount of speed and flexibility, and characters with a high compatibility with the weapon (like Zhang He) will be able to practically dance across the entire battlefield. It will, unfortunately, not change the character’s Musou attack, meaning you can’t fully embrace the ‘beauty’ of Zhang He’s signature fighting style. Still, it’s pretty satisfying to see everyone’s favourite flamboyant officer get his most well known weapons back, which should diversify the weapon selection somewhat, as well.

In addition to the claws, Koei Tecmo has released info for the other weapons that will be included in the DLC, namely the Hook Sword and the Emei Daggers. The former weapon belonged most famously to Xu Shu, the guy who never learned how to pull a hood back, while the latter was primarily used by Wang Yi, a woman who literally went to war for the chance of meeting her target in battle. Trailers for both weapons will be coming later this month, with the actual DLC itself releasing May 17th. There’s currently no word on the DLC’s pricing.

Dynasty Warriors 9 was released on the 13th February 2018. Feel free to check out Dom Richard’s (less than impressed) review of the game here.

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