The Hyperkin Duke Marks Return of One of Gaming’s Biggest Controllers

The worlds famous (or perhaps infamous) original Xbox controller is back! Affectionately nicknamed ‘The Duke’, the original controller was one of the largest console controllers of all time, and despite a redesign becoming popular, holds a special place in many a gamer’s heart.

To celebrate the original controller, Hyperkin have released a version of the Duke which you can use right now on your Xbox One console! The controller features the original style black and white buttons on the face of the device but also manages to squeeze in room on top, just in case you feel more comfortable using shoulder buttons.

One of the most impressive, and surprising, inclusions is the replacement of the Xbox logo on the front of the controller with an actual LCD screen that plays the famous Xbox opening sequence, sound effects included.

So if you have a hankering for the days when your game controller could also be used as a lethal weapon, you can pre-order the Hyperkin Duke controller right now for £69.99 right HERE.

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