Have Microsoft Gained a Head Start in the Console War in 2018?

It has recently been rumoured that Microsoft may have gained a substantial lead against Sony by acquiring marketing rights to a number of hit games.

Gaming site Rectify Gaming claims that an insider source has informed them of a list of games which Microsoft will apparently be receiving exclusive marketing rights to. The list included such titles as a new Splinter Cell game, the much anticipated CD Projekt Red title Cyberpunk 2077 and even an as of yet unheard of sixth instalment of The Elder Scrolls franchise. The full list of exclusive titles is as follows:

Splinter Cell

Metro: Exodus

Cyberpunk 2077 

Borderlands 3

Battlefield V

Shadow of the Tomb Raider


The Elder Scrolls VI

Madden NFL 19

It is important to note that these are currently just rumours. With Microsoft’s E3 presentation barely two months away, we’ll presumably find out more at the event.

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