Microsoft’s Albert Penello Says Xbox Scorpio Games Are Coming, E3 2017 Is All About the Games

Microsoft recently released some more information about Xbox Scorpio, giving us a better idea of what the console will be capable of come launch. However, details about game support for the Scorpio has been pretty much non-existent with more information expected at E3 2017 in June.

To put fans’ minds at ease until then though, Microsoft’s Xbox marketing head, Albert Penello, has reiterated on a podcast with Major Nelson that Scorpio games are on their way, and that the company are listening to fans’ feedback. Not only that, but Major Nelson added that this year’s E3 will be all about the games.

“Over the coming months and obviously leading up to launch, we’ll have more news. More games, of course, that’s gonna be the theme of E3,” Major Nelson said.

Penello added, “That’s gonna be the big thing, games, games, games. Look, I get it, I hear the feedback, I want everybody to know, games. It’s coming, that’s … today was about the specs, today we told you what the box does, you’re gonna see games, we know.”

What we do know is that all games will be playable on both Xbox One and Xbox Scorpio, which has got some fans concerned that the quality of games may suffer as a result. Penello was keen to reiterate that this wouldn’t be the case and that in actual fact, the compatibility between Xbox One and Scorpio allows developers more time to focus on developing quality games rather than trying to get stuff to work. In short, Microsoft have made Xbox Scorpio in mind for developers as much as consumers.

“Yeah, I think-I think one of the things I’ll just sort of tease is, like, I think one of the things that people wonder about this transition to these … to the two console model is, am I gonna get two slightly less versions of the game than I would have gotten in the old model where I can just work on one, um, one platform for 10 years.”

“We have put as much care and craftsmanship and effort and energy into the process for developers as we’ve put into the product for customers. That’s a story that-that will … that I’m excited to, you know, to be able to tell at some point. That means better … it means better games, because the developers are spending time on the content and the quality and not spending time making things work.”


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