PS3 Gamers in the US Can Claim $55 Compensation from Sony If They Meet This Criteria

Do you remember a firmware update back in 2010 that stopped the Linux operating system working on PlayStation 3 consoles? Well, some gamers took Sony to court regarding the update and a proposed settlement has now been agreed.

As a result, American gamers may now be able to claim $55 in compensation from Sony if they purchased an original PlayStation 3 console between November 2006 and April 2010 as Sony have been ordered to pay compensation to PS3 owners who were affected by the Other OS class action lawsuit. However, not everyone is entitled to some cash as you need to meet several requirements.

Obviously you need to have purchased and owned an original PS3 console between the dates mentioned above and have proof of purchase, however, in addition to that you also need to prove that you used the Linux operating system on your console.

If you’re unable to prove that you were using Linux, you can argue that you were to going use the ‘Other OS’ function on the PS3, or that as a result of the update you felt that the console lost value or desired functionality. You still need proof of purchase, but if you go down this route, you’re entitled to receive $9.

For anyone who feels they are eligible for compensation, the deadline to submit your claim is 7th December.

You can view more information on the lawsuit and proposed settlement here.



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