MG-X Pro Review

I’ve always been a bit dubious when it comes to mobile gaming. Casual mobile games have never held my attention for long. More complex games can be painfully awkward to play on a mobile phone. Touch-screen can be slow to respond, and for someone used to console gaming, not using a controller feels unnatural. Not to mention, a number of Game Pass games are unplayable without one. I’ve dabbled in mobile gaming, of course, but I’ve never really done much more than that.

Recently though, I was given the opportunity to try out the MG-X Pro from Nacon – a rechargeable Bluetooth controller specifically designed for use with Game Pass, and I have to say, I’m not going back. Throughout my time testing it, it has easily become one of my favourite pieces of tech.



The MG-X Pro is built just like an Xbox controller and features all the buttons and functionality we’re used to. This means it’s an intuitive experience that works seamlessly with Game Pass. There’s no messing around trying to figure out which button does what. You can just jump into your gaming session without hassle.

Unlike a lot of controllers that require a clip to attach to your phone, the MG-X Pro allows you to slot your phone into the controller itself. It extends to fit a phone with a screen of up to 6.7 inches into its built-in holder. With my phone securely in place, the controller sits in my hands just like an Xbox controller, albeit a little wider. That said, even when extended, it isn’t much different from holding a Switch. Perhaps that’s part of the appeal for me.

The quality is good. It feels sturdy, and I never had to worry about my phone falling out. In all honesty, there were only two slight issues I picked up on. Firstly, I found that my phone didn’t feel as secure when it was in my gel case, and thicker cases might not fit at all. This was only a minor complaint though. My bigger issue is that when slotted into the controller, my headphone jack was entirely covered. I have a pair of Bluetooth earphones, so this didn’t affect me personally, but I can see it being an issue for others. Of course, you can use your phone’s built-in speakers, but this isn’t ideal when there are people around you.



As I’ve already mentioned, the MG-X Pro works just like a regular Xbox controller. It paired seamlessly with my phone, and after the initial pairing process (which was as simple as holding down the pairing button with my Bluetooth on), it connects automatically whenever it’s turned on. This was a huge selling point for me. I hate overly complicated pairing processes. I’ve tried a number of wireless adapters to connect controllers to my Switch or PC, and the majority either wouldn’t connect at all, or the wireless connection was so unstable that it would cut out during a game. The MG-X Pro does what it says it does without overcomplicating things. I didn’t experience any lag or issues with connectivity, so I can’t complain.

It has an average battery life of twenty hours, making it a solid choice both for playing around the house and on the go. This can be topped up with the included USB-C charging cable.

I tested a couple of games both from the Play Store and Game Pass, and both worked like a treat. Game Pass, of course, had the wider range of compatible games, but there are a fair few Android games that feature controller support. They’re harder to find, but after a quick Google search, I found a few that caught my interest.

Since the controller arrived, I’ve spent a lot of time playing Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier – a multiplayer battle royale game set in the FFVI universe. I have to say I love the competitive edge it gives me over other players. Despite being designed entirely for mobile, The First Soldier is somewhat complex, but the controller allowed me to react much quicker than I’d have been able to if I had been using the touch-screen controls.


Final Thoughts

Despite a few issues with the overall design of the MG-X Pro, I was thoroughly impressed with it. It might be one of the more expensive offerings on the market, but you get what you pay for. The MG-X Pro is a robust controller that will enhance your mobile gaming experience tenfold. It’s easy to use and small enough to fit into your bag, so it’s great for on the go. It’s also compatible with the majority of Android phones as long as they’re equipped with Android 6 or later, so it is widely accessible. Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with iOS, but as it’s marketed as an Android controller, I can’t hold that against it. Still, if you do own an Android phone, the MG-X Pro is a quality choice worth considering.

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