ROCCAT Kahn Pro Gaming Headset Review

A decent gaming headset is a necessity these days. If you’re into eSports or just like your streaming, having a good quality headset is important. ROCCAT, famous for its gaming peripherals, has put a new contender into the ring with the ROCCAT Kahn Pro gaming headset.

The ROCCAT Kahn Pro headset is a professional-level gaming headset geared towards eSports players but made accessible to everyday gamers. At a price point of less than £100, this is probably the lowest-price professional gaming headset that you’ll find on the market. Surely, if they’re this cheap, they can’t be any good? Well, think again.

The first thing you’re going to notice about the ROCCAT Kahn Pro headset is just how light it is. As soon as they’re out of the box, they feel as light as air. Combined with really comfortable ear pads, that means that you can wear this headset for upwards of 8 hours at a time and still not feel uncomfortable. Although, that does mean that the ‘feel’ of the headset has suffered somewhat.

The plastic quality is pretty great, but the lack of weight makes the headset feel cheap. To be clear, this product is not cheaply made, they feel very well designed, and so far they’re holding up to prolonged use very well. It’s just that with most technology, you expect the quality to equate to weight. So these ultra-light headphones just feel cheap.

The main reason you can tell that the ROCCAT Kahn Pro isn’t badly made is thanks to the sound quality. The earphones are stunningly clear. Not only do they go up to quite a high volume for blasting music and in-game sounds, but they also seem to have a huge frequency range to them as well. Both high and low-frequency sounds are reproduced faithfully.

Honestly, I’ve started using these to listen to music and edit videos. When it comes to any sort of audio playback, this headset can’t even be beaten by the AKG Y500s I usually wear. They’re great for filtering out high-pitched whining from CRTs, as well as making sure that EDM with tons of bass comes out clearly.

The microphone that comes packaged with them is also relatively solid. Obviously, the mic is not up to a recording mic quality standard, but your speech is clearly audible for your teammates or viewers to decipher. Considering how light the mic has to be so as to not contribute to extra headset weight, it does a very adequate job for an insanely low price point.

The aesthetics of the headset are also a mixed bag. While the headset looks great with metallic detailing and a clean, white color all over, they are prone to getting dirty easily. I have a habit of leaving my headset on top of my monitor, and after rubbing against my back wall, the headset got a blue scuff on it that I just can’t get off now. However, if you’re less clumsy than me, then you’ll probably be fine.

Overall, the ROCCAT Kahn Pro offers unprecedented value for money. Not only do they have stunning audio quality, but they’re so light that it feels like you’re not wearing a headset at all. While they are prone to getting dirty easily, the clean, white look is stunning, and the silver detailing feels like something that wouldn’t be out of place strapped to the head of an eSports pro during a major event. In short, if you want to feel like a gaming pro without actually getting any better at games, then you need this headset.

Developer: ROCCAT

Manufacturer: ROCCAT

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

RRP: £89.99

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