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EWin Racing Flash XL Gaming Chair Review

Supreme comfort is essential for gaming over long periods. Yeah sure, you’re meant to take a break every 15 minutes of gaming but who does that? Really? So, a decent sitting solution is a must-have for any gamer, especially if you’re starting up Red Dead Redemption 2, you’re not getting up for a long while. So, E-Win Racing are an underdog company that easily slips the minds of those looking for a decent gaming chair. With the bigger, more common names on the market being Vertagear, Secretlab or X-Rocker, it’s easy to overlook any others. EWin Europe plan on driving forward their products and have done so by kindly donating one of their products to us for review. The EWin Flash XL European gaming chair is a definite contender for being one of the best gaming chairs on the market.

The box size is no joke, it’s huge and heavy, so if you go ahead and buy a EWin Flash XL, you’ll need somebody freakishly strong or another person to help. Once opened though, the chair comes in two large parts being the seat itself and the backrest with multiple other important components such as the hydraulic mechanism, covers and essential screws and tools. It also came with a pair of safety gloves which was a really nice touch and really great of EWin Racing to think safety. They also thought about ease of setup. The instructions are very easy to follow using the included coloured brochure with photographs showing each step. The screws needed are already screwed into the holes on each part of the chair to prevent confusion so setup is idiot proof.

The tools come included which are just two Hex keys better known as Allen keys. What makes things even easier is the fact that all of the screws that are required to be removed and replaced, have deep crevices for the Hex keys to easily be turned without the common issue of rounding them due to excessive force and slipping. After setup, what you end up with is a monster. The Flash XL chair is a beast in size. I am six foot two and at its lowest, my feet barely touch the floor. It’s extremely comfortable though, with a lumbar cushion and head cushion included for free, it helps those with back or neck problems. The chair is tough and durable but at the same time, a blessing to rest on.

The racing seat design increases its comfort factor as you feel secure when sat back on the Flash XL slightly curved backrest. There are two holes cut out of the backrest for the headrest cushion to be secured but even when this is removed, you can’t feel the holes at all and personally, I think it looks cool. The backrest is high too meaning your head is extra secure. Like I mentioned before, I’m a tall guy and there was still room for someone taller than me to rest their head. It’s impressive.

Visually, the EWin Flash XL is a thing of beauty. We got the red and black coloured chair which looks simply stunning and quite frankly, the premium design and build quality are hard to knock. The colour isn’t even discreet. This is a bold black and red chair (it’s also available in blue and other chairs on EWin Racings website have more colour options), it doesn’t mess around. It’s bold and standout but at the same time, it looks fantastic in any room you place it in.

The Flash XL is easy to adjust. Two dedicated levers on the right side of the seat each have their own function. One raises and lowers the seat using the hydraulic shaft under the seat. It can also be pushed in or pulled out slightly to allow the chair to lean back for extra comfort. The second lever adjusts the position of the backrest which unnecessarily goes all the way back to near horizontal. These levers are both simple to use and easily accessible and never feel intrusive or in the way. Then there are the armrests. These are the widest armrests I’ve ever seen. With buttons on the side and below, the armrests can be adjusted to fit any sized person. They can be raised or lowered, tilted to the left or right and even slid forward or back easily to suit your needs.

There is a downside in contrast to all of this praise but it has nothing to do with the chair itself. This is a high-end chair meaning it’s not cheap. Setting you back a whopping £389; the price tag is no joke. It’s easy to recommend if you’re rolling in the dough however checking out EWin Racing’s website, you will see there are cheaper options which will more than likely give you the same quality products without having to get out a loan. Fork out though and you’re blessed with a beauty of a gaming chair that is top quality across the board, extremely comfortable, easy to setup and glorious to look at.

Developer: EWin Racing

Manufacturer: EWin Racing

Release Date: 2017

RRP: £389

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