Velvet Hi-Back Gamer Bean Bag Review

Now, when asked to review the Velvet Hi-Back Gamer Bean Bag, I was a little perplexed as to what makes a bean bag specifically made for gamers.

The company behind the gamer bean bag, Great Bean Bags, states that this chair will be able to maintain its shape and comfort when you are sat playing games for several hours. This is very accurate. The soft-woven fabric is possibly the most comfortable material I have ever sat on. Yes, I felt weird writing that, but it is very true. This bean bag has become the main seat in my household, and I have the luxury of a gaming chair and a comfy leather sofa.

The bean bag has fit in seamlessly in my living room set up and does not get in the way, which is possibly the biggest plus in comparison to a cumbersome gaming chair.

I went with the midnight blue colour, and it looks stunning and definitely looks the part of a designer bean bag.

When sitting on the bean bag, the back really does maintain its shape no matter how many hours you are sat on it or how much of a fidgeter you are.

I sat in it while playing a number of different games, from sports titles to first-person shooters, to RPGs, and when getting up to change the discs in the PlayStation and Xbox, it was seamless to get in and out of (apart from the old man noises I made getting up and sitting down again).

As my TV is well placed on a rather short TV stand, the height at which the bean bag puts you when sat down is the perfect height to play games on without any neck strain.

I think I will be even happier with the velvet material when it comes to the summer months, as we all can testify to the struggles we go through when having a long gaming session in the heat and on a leather sofa or bean bag.

When thinking to yourself, is it worth spending over £100 on a gaming bean bag? If the debate is between this or a gaming chair, then I would go for the bean bag.

My reasoning is that most gaming chairs will require assembly, while the bean bag is ready to go from when it arrives at your door. The bean bag is super comfortable, and the colour is just stunning.

There is only one negative, and this is more of a message to Great Bean Bags: Find someone other than DPD to deliver the bean bags to customers. The bean bag was originally due to be delivered five days before I was due to fly away on a nearly two-week holiday. I was at home the whole week and at no point did a driver try and phone me to find my flat (this happens more often than you think). On one of the supposed delivery attempts, the driver took a picture of a bridge that was nowhere near where I lived, and it just seemed the drivers could not be bothered to do their jobs. DON’T USE DPD.

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