Crysis Remastered for Nintendo Switch Review

It really is fairly crazy to think that one of the most demanding games ever to release on PC is getting a remaster. Even crazier is how that remaster would make its way to a portable console. Yet here we are in 2020, and the Crysis series is doing such crazy things. Crysis Remastered is exactly as it sounds, a remaster of the original Crysis game. Remasters like this are a great way to introduce or reintroduce fans to a series, and Crysis has been in need of such a reintroduction (the last game came out in 2013). Yet more remarkable is that Crysis Remastered is on Nintendo Switch and, surprisingly, is quite great on the platform. Although the game at times shows its age Crysis Remastered on Nintendo Switch is a must buy purchase for FPS fans.

Crysis is a series developed by Crytek that started back in 2007. The original game was a technical marvel, showcasing the new CryEngine and providing fans of the FPS genre a leap forward in game design. The series, originally published by EA, went silent after 2013’s Crysis 3 before 2020’s remaster. This remaster marks the first time the Crysis series has appeared on a Nintendo platform (Crysis 3 was planned but, unfortunately, not released by EA on the Wii U).

Crysis Remastered is beautiful to look at. The development team did a really great job at making this game, which still looked pretty good, to look even better on the Switch. Environmental details really pop, the new lighting system gives the game a true shine, and every little detail in the game world has been fine-tuned. This isn’t a simple HD re-release but a full on remaster, and I love it. The game itself is also a blast to play again. I always felt that the gameplay in very few series was as good as that in Crysis. Gunplay is absolutely brilliant and well designed, even down to the attachments you can put on your weapons. The big, open environments you run through while taking down enemies along the way never get old.

It really can’t be overstated how awesome the game is on Nintendo Switch. In my opinion, the game truly shines when you play it in portable mode. It easily gives you that “how did they get this to run on the Switch?” kind of feeling. Overall, the game runs well and looks good. I actually think the decision to release the Switch version first helps this game out in general. Right now when we look at the original release and the new remastered version on Switch, it’s easy to see all the major improvements over the original game. If the remaster was released alongside the other platforms (PC, PS4, and Xbox One), then I think the Switch version would get lost in the “it doesn’t look as great as these versions” conversations, which isn’t fair. The Switch version is really impressive, and according to the developer, they plan on pushing the Switch hardware even further with new patches coming soon.

That said, Crysis Remastered does have a few issues. One of them has to be its stealth. Stealth in Crysis is really great as your Nanosuit allows you to cloak yourself and hide from enemies. The problem, which was improved on in later games, like Crysis 3, is that stealth gameplay doesn’t work great. The problem lies in the fact that the moment you engage an enemy in stealth with a weapon, you’re instantly uncloaked. This reveals you to everyone in the immediate area, thus flying in the face of “stealth” takedowns. It is by no means a game-breaking issue or an issue that should affect your decision to buy the game. It’s a design choice done at a certain time that was improved as time went on.

My other issue, which is minor, is that the remaster of Crysis completely eliminates the multiplayer mode. This online mode, in which 16 players battle online, was an absolute blast to play years ago on its original release. I understand that most people, including myself, focus more on the single-player campaign versus the online mode when they think of the Crysis series. Yet it would have been extra fun to have included this mode in a remaster.

Overall, Crysis Remastered on Nintendo Switch is an absolute blast and a must buy for fans of the FPS genre on the platform. Few games are like Crysis, and even fewer of those games are on Nintendo’s platform. Now if we can get Crytek to remaster Crysis 2 and 3 for the Switch…

Developer: Crytek (original release), Crytek and Saber Interactive (remaster)

Publisher: EA (original release), Crytek (remaster)

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: 23rd July 2020 (Nintendo Switch), TBA (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

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