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Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD Review

Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD released on 28th January 2020 for PC via Steam, with hopes of being later released on the Nintendo Switch. The game has been both developed and published by Loftur Studio. Loftur Studio is a very recently established company, and Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD is their first creation. They also have a Kickstarter campaign where they have amassed nearly 1,500 backers. Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD is an adventure game that brings together elements of action role-playing games and real-time strategy games.

Become a Mercebinary

Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD tells the story of a young man named Kofi. He is extremely lazy, sarcastic and loves video games. He also has a huge ambition of becoming a Mercebinary, which is basically a mercenary who gets paid to take on epic quests for loot and gold. He will have to overcome some weird and wonderful obstacles to fulfill his ambitions.The control system is extremely simple, you can just use a mouse to left and right click your way through the game. 

Kofi is also followed by a team of some interesting characters. The game is full of strange personalities. As you get further into the game, you will get the chance to meet them all and fight alongside them. As the player, you will not only control what Kofi does, but you will also control everyone within his team. You can use them strategically during fights and plan how you will overcome your enemies.

Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD also offers players the opportunity to play a hell of a lot of mini-games, and each one represents a game throughout time. I don’t really want to give too much away, but the first game you get to try out is a modern twist on the classic Pong. As you traverse your way through this unusual world, you will grow in level and as a character. As you level up, you will unlock different skills and build up your strength.

Funny and Creative

Sarcasm may be the lowest form of wit, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still funny. Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD is full of hilarious moments where sarcasm plays a big role. Everything within the game is very lighthearted and just genuinely funny. The whole game is very creative, which is down to the characters, environments and overall gameplay. As a hole, Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD is extremely bright and colourful.

The game’s story is also great. As a person that loves playing video games, I feel like I can relate to Kofi. Just like him, I am so lazy, I am sarcastic and I love to just sit on the couch all day and zone out while getting into a great game. I felt a huge connection to Kofi because of this. I think his personality, matched with his ambitions, makes for an amazing character. His story is the reason that I wanted to keep playing.

Technical Issues

I found that there were a few issues the more I played Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD. After the first couple of hours, the sound was gone. I tried restarting the game, tried restarting my computer and even tried un-installing and re-installing the game, but nothing worked. As of yet, I haven’t quite finished the game, but I have put quite a bit of time into it, and the sound still hasn’t come back. I am unsure whether or not it will at some point.

Throughout the game, when Kofi is speaking to other characters, he will be presented with a dilemma that normally involves two choices. One will be a choice that will help him move towards his life goal of becoming a Mercebinary, and the other choice normally involves Kofi being lazy. This was a great addition to the game because it allows you to make some hilarious and strange decisions. The issue that I found with this was partway through the game was somewhat similar to the issue I had with the sound. The decision-making stopped working, and when I selected an option, the game would proceed as if I had selected a different option.

Kofi Quest Overall

Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD has some great points. I really enjoyed the story, the characters, the creativeness and most of all, the comedic aspects. The game is very wacky and strange, and that is what makes it stand out. The fighting system and gameplay are very simple and easy to grasp. The game as a whole is just very lighthearted and fun.

There are definitely some issues with Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD, as I have mentioned. The issues with the sound and the bugged decision-making really take away from all of the great parts of the game. I would love to see these issues addressed to make the game even better. The more I played, the more issues I found, which was quite disappointing. There were a lot of other smaller issues, which included the game crashing, repeating itself in the text for conversations and some of the characters getting stuck when moving around the map. These issues weren’t too big of a deal because they were nothing compared to the bigger issues.

Developer: Loftur Studio

Publisher: Loftur Studio

Platform: PC

Release Date: 28th January 2020

Do you agree with our review of Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD? What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments below.

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