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Let’s Sing 2020 Review

Let’s Sing 2020 is a music singing game that was released on 25th October 2019. It is available to play on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The game was developed by Voxler and published by Ravenscourt. Ravenscourt is responsible for some very big titles like I Am Bread, Goat Simulator and Baldur’s Gate II. Voxler have a main focus around being the music game experts. All of their games are either singing or dancing games.

Be a Superstar

Let’s Sing 2020 allows players to challenge themselves in singing some of the most popular hits of the past and of today. It has something for everybody when it comes to song choice. The songs that come with the game include artists like Queen, Bon Jovi, Lewis Capaldi, James Arthur and Selena Gomez. There are 30 songs to choose from, and you can add more by purchasing a music pack as an add-on.

There are also multiple game modes to choose from. These include Classic, Feat, Mix Tape, World Contest and Let’s Party. Classic can be played either solo or with friends. You will need to hit the right notes to get the highest score possible. Feat mode can be played either solo or with friends like the classic mode; however, with this mode you will only sing part of the song to see how compatible you are with your friends or with a superstar.

Mix Tape is exactly what it says on the tin. It is a mixture of the songs in the game that you will sing one after the other. World Contest is an online mode where you can sing against other players all over the world. You will need to fight to get to the top of the leaderboard. Let’s Party is an eight-player party mode. The eight players will be split into two teams going head-to-head. In this mode you will play a mixture of randomly chosen game modes.

Weapon of Choice

There are a few different ways you can play Let’s Sing 2020. The obvious way to play is by using a USB microphone. If you don’t have a microphone, however, there are a couple of other ways you can still play. The game is compatible with the Singstar microphones. It is also compatible with a standard headset that you would normally use to speak to your friends when playing games online. If you don’t have any of those, you also have the choice to download the Let’s Sing mobile phone app. The mobile phone app is pretty basic, but it allows you to use your phone as a microphone. For this to work, your mobile phone needs to be connected to the same WiFi that your games console is connected to. When you start the Let’s Sing 2020 game on your games console, you can open the app on your phone, and it will search for the console automatically. You can then select your console, and off you go.

It’s Party Time

The greatest thing about Let’s Sing 2020 is that it is perfect as a party game, especially when you have had a few drinks. Being a woman, I found it awesome for having my girls round for a night in whilst we enjoy a few cheeky glasses of wine. I found that it was great to play when having friends over, whether they are male or female, and I am absolutely determined to get my husband to give it a go.

Another thing that I really like about Let’s Sing 2020 is the variety in the songs available. Going from Queen and Bon Jovi to Lewis Capaldi and Selena Gomez, that just shows that there is something for everybody when it comes to song choice.

While you try your best to hit all the right notes, you can also watch the music video for each song that plays in the background. When I listen to music, I tend to listen to it on the go so I don’t really have much of an opportunity to watch the video. I really enjoyed seeing some of the videos to my favourite songs for the first time. I think the whole layout of each song is great, from the video in the background to the bright and colourful bars that light up as you match them with your voice.

Personalise Your Character

Let’s Sing 2020 allows you to select an avatar to represent you as a singer. There are only a few avatars to choose from, but they are dressed up with different clothing styles. This gives you a lot of choice for your avatar when it comes to representing your style but not how the base of your avatar looks. Because there are only a few avatars to choose from with different styles, it feels like there is less choice. As you sing different songs, build up your score and try the different modes, you will gain experience and level up. As you level up, you will unlock new styles for your avatar and mix tapes. I was kind of expecting to unlock new songs as I leveled up, but this didn’t happen, which was kind of disappointing.

As I have mentioned, there is a large variety when it comes to the types of songs that are available. I also think that 30 songs for a singing game is a pretty good number. The issue that I have with the song list is that when I had finished it, I got quite bored and didn’t really want to do it all again in a different mode. You don’t really enjoy doing the same songs over and over again when you are playing solo, even if you do it on the Feat mode.

Let’s Sing 2020 Overall

Let’s Sing 2020 is great as a party game, and it does have some great aspects to it, like the music videos that play in the background and the overall bright and colourful layout. Although the mobile phone app is quite basic, it works really well, especially if you don’t have one of the microphones or a decent headset you can use. The game definitely has some technical issues when it comes to loading the songs and general glitches. It also just feels like it gets old really quickly. In the future, the only time I will play the game will be when I’ve had a few drinks. It’s not a game that you just play every day.

Developer: Voxler

Publisher: Ravenscourt

Platform: PS4, Nintendo Switch

Release Date: 25th October 2019

Do you agree with our review of Let’s Sing 2020? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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