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Killsquad Review

Killsquad is an action role-playing game. It is currently available through early access via Steam, which was released on 16th July 2019. The game has been both developed and published by Novarama. Killsquad looks like a role-playing game but actually plays more like an action game. It can be played either solo or through multiplayer. Novarama have a goal of creating innovative games with mass-market appeal and boast that they are striving to create the future of gaming.

Join the Hunt

Killsquad offers players the opportunity to choose out of four bounty hunters. When playing in a full party of four, it is important to have your typical role-playing game set up. You have a character that acts as a tank, dealing large amounts of damage, a character that acts as a healer for the group and two damage dealer characters. The damage dealers may not be as tough as the tank, but they are good for knocking enemies back, inflicting different effects and taking out smaller enemies that surround a boss.

The bounty hunters take up contracts on different worlds. These vary from finding and destroying a very tough enemy, escorting a vehicle or protecting a piece of equipment and more. Each bounty earns your character credits, and you can use these to purchase better gear and weapons, and you can build your character with each improvement you make. The average level of your equipment equates to a statistic called “Vector”. The higher your “Vector”, the more challenging contracts you can undertake.

Pick Your Poison

At the beginning of each contract, your character will start with a preset of abilities. You will unlock extra abilities, along with adjustments to the abilities you already have, throughout each contract. Because you are able to choose changes and extra abilities, you will be able to tailor the choices to the type of fight you have undertaken.

The downside to this is that you will have to find a safe place to stop and choose your abilities whilst trying to keep up with other players. This also kind of makes you feel like you are starting from scratch with each contract, which makes you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything from previous fights. Each character has a unique set of abilities, and this is also accompanied by a distinctive and creative look because each character is completely different. You can also change your character’s look with different outfits and colours.

A Future with No Past

It is clear that Killsquad is set in the future. The biggest issue with Killsquad is that, even though the characters are quite unique, they have no backstory. The game itself doesn’t actually have a story; well, not one that is properly explained. There is the obvious feeling that something has gone wrong, and the bounty hunters are trying to make these worlds a better place. It would have been great to see why these completely different characters have banded together. Also, it would have been great to see some substance for the story itself.

Another issue that Killsquad has is the amount of loot and variety of equipment. When you get better equipment, it is pretty much the same as the equipment you start with, just at a higher level. There are some differences with the main weapons. If you have a sword, it can vary in appearance, but it doesn’t give you that much choice.

It is rare that you will find weapons or equipment when picking up loot. You normally have to spend credits if you want a better weapon or better armor, and loot boxes are scarce. You normally get one when beating a smaller boss about halfway through each contract and another one at the end after the main boss. If you are trying to find loot around the map, you normally have to do a bit of searching. When you do find loot boxes, it is typically credits you will find inside. Saying that, loot boxes do become a little more regular when completing the tougher contracts.


As I have mentioned, you can play Killsquad solo or multiplayer. With that being said, it is clear that Novarama have focused more on the multiplayer aspect to the game. The first few contracts are set at Vector 5, which is quite low. You can complete most of these solo, but at around Vector 20, it gets quite difficult to play this game alone.

The harder the contract, the more enemies and obstacles you will encounter. If you are trying to do this alone, this can prove to be quite the challenge. Your choices are to wait around for a group or at least one other player, which can sometimes take a while, or to improve your character to be higher than the required Vector to complete the contract yourself.

Sometimes when you open the contracts, you will find groups searching for members. If you are at the required Vector level or above, I would recommend joining these for easier completion and credits. Bear in mind that each contract can take around 30 minutes to complete, so make sure that if you do join, you will have the time to complete it.

What Killsquad Offers

Killsquad is a fun and friendly game. There is something about working together to destroy monstrous aliens that makes you really feel like part of a team. Sometimes it’s just fun to blow stuff up as well. The characters in the game are very creative and are completely different. Killsquad also offers beautiful and strange landscapes and surroundings that always feel very unique.

Sometimes you will be faced by enemies, as well as obstacles like freakish weather, random meteor strikes, mine fields and more. It is great to see that you are fighting more than just the same old enemies. The different types of contracts also make it feel like you are facing something different each time you play. Killsquad has a great community, even though it is currently in early access. You can often be waiting a while for a group, but the players are extremely friendly and are always keen to help.

I also think that the leveling system for Killsquad is great. It can mean that it is difficult to play the game solo, but I think the introduction of Vectors and the fact that you don’t have to be the best fighter to grow in levels makes the game stand out among other action role-playing games. The game can be challenging, but you know that as long as you complete your contract, you can gain credits to help your character grow.

Developer: Novarama

Publisher: Novarama

Platform: PC

Release Date: 16th July 2019

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