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Deliver Us the Moon: Fortuna Review

Deliver Us the Moon: Fortuna was released to play on PC on 28th September 2018. The game is a sci-fi adventure played entirely in solo mode. It is split between playing in both a first-person and third-person perspective. Deliver Us the Moon: Fortuna was both developed and published by KeokeN Interactive. KoekeN Interactive are quite a new indie company. They believe video games should be a rich and playful experience and want to bring Deliver Us the Moon: Fortuna to players worldwide.

Be Humanity’s Hero

Deliver Us the Moon: Fortuna is set in the near future. Earth’s resources have dwindled, and humans have come together to expand their reach. A world space agency has been established in a mission to obtain energy from the moon. This goes quite well for a while until disaster strikes and communication to the people based on the moon has stopped. You, the player, take on the role of being humanity’s last hope. As an astronaut, you alone will prepare and control a rocket that is going to take you to a space station and further. You will need to utilise everything that you can get your hands on to successfully achieve your mission.

What Does This Button Do?

Deliver Us the Moon: Fortuna allows players to traverse the different areas within the game mainly through walking or running. The game will show you what buttons you will need to use on your keyboard. There are times, like in the space station, when you will need to make your way around in zero gravity. The movement letters that are used in this game are your typical PC gaming letters: W,S,D and A. In zero gravity these letters remain the same, but the game introduces two more letters, Q and E, to turn your character so that you can spin them round if they are upside down.

Your camera angle is controlled by moving the mouse around. Left click on your mouse is used for zooming in, scanning items and later used for laser cutting. Trust me when I say that the laser cutting definitely comes in handy. You also have the letter F on the keyboard which is used for picking up items that you may want to have a closer look at, carry, collect or read.

Delivering Us a Story

The greatest thing about Deliver Us the Moon: Fortuna is the story. I believe that KeokeN Interactive have completely achieved their goal. The story made the game feel like it wasn’t just another game, it felt like a completely new experience. The graphics are great too. With the game only being available on PC at the moment, I thought the graphics would suffer, especially because I don’t own a high-tech gaming PC. I own a pretty standard laptop, and yet the graphics were still perfect. Because of the story and the graphics, the game is completely immersive, nail-biting and gripping.

Ground Control to Major Flaw

There is really only one issue I had playing Deliver Us the Moon: Fortuna, and this issue is that the controls are completely bonkers. At the beginning of the game, you have to put on your space suit and go outside of your room. I tried to do this at first without a mouse and instead used my laptop’s trackpad. This failed miserably. I gave the game another go with a computer mouse, and it was much easier. I was then introduced to all of the other controls you need as I went further into the game.

The controls just seem to be very overly complicated. You do kind of get used to them the more you play, so I would just say to try your best to power through it. I don’t really play many PC games as I prefer to use a console, so it could have just been me.

Deliver Us an Ending

Deliver Us the Moon: Fortuna is a great game. It is absolutely stunning and is really intense and gripping. I really enjoyed playing it. There is the issue of the control system, but I am very excited to find out what happens next. I understand that KeokeN Interactive have confirmed a DLC to be released that will provide us with an ending, and I am desperate to play it. The game brings us a stand-out experience. There are a lot of children whose biggest dream is to be an astronaut or a superhero. Deliver Us the Moon: Fortuna kind of brings the two together. You are an astronaut but also a hero to all of humanity, and you are their last hope.

Developer: KeokeN Interactive

Publisher: KeokeN Interactive

Platform: PC

Release Date: 28th September 2018

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