Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Gold Edition Review

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard breathed new life back into the long running series back in January (Check out our review HERE). Now at the close of the year, Capcom have re-released the game with all of its previously released DLC and two new ones as well. In this review I will break down each part of the DLC content.

End of Zoe

The first of the new pieces of content is by far the most innovative. It picks up after the events of the main game, and the game assumes *spoilers ahead* you chose to save Mia with the serum. Zoe becomes reinfected with the mould virus, and she is then rescued by previously unknown Baker family member Joe. The whole DLC is focused on Joe trying to cure Zoe, but he is constantly being hindered by the aggresive swamp man who has a truly surprising real identity. This DLC brings the freshest bit of gameplay, as all the combat is done with either Joe’s fists or spears. This is brilliant, the first-person perspective is quite jarring at first, but once you get in the flow, the combat is incredible. The story will only take 60 to 90 minutes to complete depending on how much exploring you do, which if you paid for the DLC separately, then it’s not worth it, but as part of this package, it’s superb.


Not a Hero

The other piece of new content, the Not a Hero DLC, was originally meant to come out back in the Spring but was pushed back due to delays, and it has been included here but is free anyway. In this DLC, you play as series favourite Chris Redfield, who is now working for the now reformed Umbrella Corporation. The reason for this isn’t clearly defined, but there are hints throughout. The story picks up after Redfield saves Ethan at the end of the main game, after which he is then sent after the remaining Baker family member, Lucas. This plays more like Resident Evil 5/6 rather than 7, but that is understandable given the skills Redfield had in previous games. Chasing Lucas feels like a long Saw game, with traps everywhere and poisonous spores in particular areas which require a special air purification mask to survive. The DLC features another style of play which sets it apart from what’s come before and is genuinely a lot of fun.


Banned Footage V1

The first set of DLC released for Resident Evil 7 is a set of three varying levels.They are based on video tape-style missions from the main game. “Bedroom” puts players in the shoes of poor cameraman Clancy, who has been caught by Maugerite and is confined to a bed whilst she delivers disgusting meals for him to eat. The task is to solve all the puzzles in the room to get out without being noticed, and this is made harder as Maugerite periodically comes back to check on you, and if she notices anything is different, she vomits bugs in your face. Lovely. Nightmare couldn’t be more different as it’s Resident Evil’s answer to horde mode but made harder. You have machines that produce scrap metal to allow you to craft weapons, ammo and traps. The last mode takes the slither of the main game where you face Maugerite in the old house, but as it’s called Ethan Must Die, you can understand it is a little tricky. This one is for only the most hardcore Resident Evil players.


Banned Footage V2

The second half of the Banned Footage DLC had two more pieces of story content in “Daughters” and “21”. Daughters is told from the perspective of Zoe and tells the story of how Evie and Mia arrived at the Baker household. It is an absolute class way to tell the missing part of the backstory. In 21, you play a sick game of Blackjack with Lucas as Clancy the cameraman again. The rounds get progressively harder, but it is a great way to waste some more time in the universe. The last mode, “Jack’s 55th Birthday”, is the most goofy involves you feeding food from around a level to Jack till he is full, simple as that. Your rank is dependent on how quickly you fill Jack up.

In conclusion, if you missed out on Resident Evil 7 in January, then this is the perfect way to jump in. If you already have the game, then pick up the season pass to complete your experience. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was up there as one of my games of the year, and this edition just adds icing to the cake.

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Release Date: 12th December 2017


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