The Surge: A Walk in the Park Review

I have enjoyed the base game of The Surge (check out our review HERE), and the new DLC definitely adds something fresh to the game, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

A walk in the park it is not, The Surge is known for its difficulty, and this DLC is no different. You access this new area of the world near to where you start the main game, so it could involve a little bit of backtracking if you’re already quite far. This DLC pack essentially adds a 6-8 hour side mission into the main game taking place in a new area called Creo World, which is akin to Nuka World from Fallout 4. The robot mascots of Creo World have risen up and turned on their masters. The game feels like that weird episode of The Simpsons where the family get caught up in the robot uprising at Itchy & Scratchy Land; however, you can’t kill these robots with cameras but instead must use a myriad of new melee weapons. The combat is just as enjoyable and brutal as it is in the base game, with the limb targeting system being by far the best thing to happen in a Souls-type game. On the difficulty side, it is just as punishing as the base game, but I did have a little giggle to myself as they haven’t fixed the issue where you can just run past the enemies that have respawned after you’ve died.

The objectives are a little dull though with the usual turn on the power, find survivors and so on. There are some funny and creepy moments in this DLC, such as the attractions acting too smart for their own good at points in the second half. The storytelling is simple to follow as it takes time out of the fun combat to tell you what is going on.

As with any DLC, there are new enemies, though they aren’t overly different from what you faced in the base game. The new enemies drop DLC exclusive-themed armour and weapons. Some are quite strange, like mascot heads which you can make your own; however, if you are coming in as a seasoned player, the new items won’t be able to match what is found in the late game or in a new game plus playthrough.

The setting is a breath of fresh air for the game, and the action is still as fun as always, which helps to alleviate the drawbacks of the game. Creo World is a solid adventure for those that enjoyed the base game and are looking to slice up some more robots.

In conclusion, despite the fact the DLC does not really add anything revolutionary or different to the gameplay or provide any real rewards for returning players, it is still worth the price of admission. The setting is refreshing and provides some interesting nuances to combat encounters. You should check out this mix of Nuka World and Itchy & Scratchy Land for yourself, and it is actually reasonably priced in this modern world of season passes and loot boxes. So get out there and kill some robots.

Developer: Deck 13

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Platforms: Xbox One, PC, PS4

Release Date: 5th December 2017

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