Kerbal Space Program – Review

Kerbal Space Program is the first game produced by its developer Squad. It is a space craft and space program simulation game with one of the best made physics engines to date. It has the most realistic gravity physics of any game I’ve ever played and that is due to the use of early access which allowed them to iron out the bugs and give people, who bought the game in early access, the ability to comment on what should go into the game and what bugs that are needed to be fixed before the games release. This is one of the only Early Access success stories out there which really produced what it set out to do and more *Cough Cough* DayZ *Cough Cough*.

Career, Science, and Sandbox are the three modes of the game and there are different difficulties levels in which you can mess around with exactly how hard you want the game to be. Each mode has varied amounts of realism, which means that in each mode the amount of things you have to deal with either decreases or increases. Career mode you will be worrying about contracts and amounts of money and also science, which gives you access to more parts, by gathering information from various science modules that you can put on your space craft. In the Science mode you only have to deal with gathering the scientific information and learning the different parts in the science building. In Sandbox mode you get access to everything in the game and the best astronauts in the game, which makes it basically an endless mode where you can do anything and everything you want.

The best part about Kerbal Space Program is the customization and different types of space ships you can create in the game. If you are skilled enough, and have the will, you can create great space ships that can travel to different planets in the Kerbal system. Or, if you feel like it, can make huge space stations that orbit around the Kerbal planet gathering science. Although, it is extremely hard to get space ships into orbit around your planet if you’re new. It took me one hour and thirty minutes to get my space craft to go around the planet.

The graphics are probably the least redeeming factor of Kerbal Space Program because it’s pretty potato. The planets from space don’t look very nice, but because looking good isn’t the point of the game this doesn’t really matter all too much. The music is alright, but it does get pretty bland after a while. It fits the theme of the game really well and gives the game a more science and space feel.

You should also note that the game has quite a few bugs, but I’m not going to make this the most important part of the negatives because throughout playing the game I did not run into any bugs that really took away from my experience in the game. The bugs are negligible and not a big thing to worry about.

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Score= 85%

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