Details of Xbox E3 2016 Teaser Leaked Online, Hints at a New Battletoads

Microsoft are set to release their E3 2016 trailer later today, however, a post on Reddit claims that the video has been leaked with Reddit user Dieklobrille also claiming to have trawled through the Xbox API, which as you’d expect has provided a number of new rumours regarding what games may be talked about at E3 later this month.

Here is the apparent trailer for the Xbox E3 2016 Briefing. We’re not sure whether or not it looks legit. It just….looks a bit cheap for Microsoft. The music is dreadful for a start. Anyway, time will tell whether or not it’s the real thing.

According to the Xbox API, if believed, a new Battletoads game is in development. I don’t think anyone saw that coming, did they? However, there will be more information on the likes of Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 3, something zombie related, and Age of Empires, which means that after all these years, Age of Empires 4 may be real? Probably not, but we can dream right?

Here’s a quick rundown of what we can expect from Microsoft this year, if these rumours are true.

  • Rare is working on a new Battletoads (maybe just the Rare name though like at the Killer Instinct reveal trailer, game could also be co-developed by another studio)
  • Sea of Thieves won’t be a straight MMO, more like The Division/Destiny, seems like MS will give this game a huge focus, cross-play, cross-buy
  • FH3 set in Australia
  • General RAAM for Killer Instinct
  • Something Age of Empires (still not sure what exactly, prob new game)
  • Halo Wars 2 Beta is a thing, no cross-play mentioned
  • Zombie online game by MS, prob new State of Decay, could also be Dead Rising
  • Anniversary update will gets its own landing page on with the major features listed, prob “available now” at E3 for preview.

It would be great to see Age of Empires at E3 this year, a new game in the series has been long overdue in my opinion. A new online zombie game also sounds exciting, especially if it is a game coming out of Undead Labs, the guys behind State of Decay. As for the other stuff, I doubt it’s going to set E3 on fire, but who knows, it might not even be true.

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