Heroic 7-Year-Old Gamer Fights Armed Robbers During GameStop Robbery

CCTV footage of a heroic 7-year-old boy fighting back against a pair of armed robbers who were robbing the GameStop store he was shopping at has appeared online.

The incident took place at a Silver Spring GameStop store in Maryland, United States last week and has seen the boy hailed as fearless as he attempted to fight against the robbers, one of whom attempted to grab him. However, the young gamer was having none of it and immediately fought back with the footage showing him punching the robber multiple times before eventually being overpowered and pushed to the side.

After being pushed aside, you can see the two armed robbers ordering both customers and store clerks to get on the ground before fleeing from the store with cash and personal belongings, including cellphones they had managed to steal from workers.

At the time of the incident, the young boy was shopping with his father and mother who were separated from him as he looked around the store at the time the robbers burst in. However, the father did not know about his son’s heroic act until after the robbery had taken place.

“He saw somebody who was a stranger, who seemed most dangerous to him and he tried to defend himself,” the boy’s father told a local Fox News affiliate. “I think it was his natural instinct taking over there.”

Thankfully, no one was hurt during the robbery, including the young gamer.



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