Will Resident Evil 7 Be Revealed at E3 2016?

Resident Evil 6 was a bit of a disappointment, so fans of the series are pinning their hopes on Resident Evil 7 being able to bring the franchise back to life. It seems that they may not have to wait too long for information though as Resident Evil 7 will be revealed at E3 2016, at least that’s what a Tokyo-based game consultant believes.

According to Serkan Toto, CEO of Kantan Games based in Tokyo, Resident Evil 7 will be revealed at E3 with Capcom announcing that the game will be returning to its horror roots. He says that essentially, Capcom will be looking to start a fresh from a clean slate.

“About Resident Evil 7: Yes, it’s in development. The entire game will go back to RE‘s horror roots and (essentially) be a clean slate,” Serkan Toto said on Twitter,

“They will show it at E3.”

He also added that a former designer from Kojima Productions who worked on Metal Gear Solid V would be joining the development team for Resident Evil 7.


Source: *Twitter

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