Pokemon Sun and Moon Legendary and Starter Pokemon Revealed

The Pokémon Sun and Moon box cover of Legendary Pokémon and starters have been revealed.

A release date of November 18th, 2016 has also been made for the latest installment of the Pokémon series.

A trailer of Sun and Moon gameplay was also among the information released and gives us our first proper look at what the game will be like. It shows off the new region map of Alola and shows off some of its towns. This new region looks to be inspired greatly by Hawaii.

In the trailer both male and female protagonists are shown, but X and Y‘s character customisation could return, and so the characters’ looks could differ through people’s games. There are also a couple of people you will meet on your adventure, including a Kukui. This could be the new professor seeing as Game Freak love naming the professors after trees, and kukui is a Hawaiian name for the candlenut tree and is the official state tree.

These are the first Pokémon to be officially revealed for the game. The three starters’ names and types have also been revealed with a grass and flying type named Rowlet, a fire type named Litten, and Popplio the water type. The Legendaries’ official names and types were not announced. In February there were rumours of trademarks being taken out for the names Solgaleo and Lunaala, but it is unclear if these are the Legendary Pokémon’s names or even a Pokémon’s name, as the trademark was not taken out under the name of Game Freak.

Now the Legendaries have been released, people can start to decide what one of the two games they will get and be excited for its release later this year.


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