Cover Art Revealed for Blood and Wine

Waiting excitedly to find out what the next expansion for The Witcher 3 will be? Well the wait may be over sooner than you think with an unconfirmed release date of June 7th listed on a Polish gaming website the other day. As previously mentioned this is unconfirmed but it does tie in with the original “first half of 2016” plan the team had set.

Little information has been given about what the expansion pack will entail however we have been promised another 20+ hours of breath taking Witcher action. All we know for certain is that this new expansion will take Geralt to the region of Toussaint. The town is an atmospheric place of ‘carefree indulgence’ and ‘knightly ritual masks and an ancient, bloody secret’. Rumours have been tossed around of the idea of the new expansion bringing vampires into the mix which judging by the newly released cover art shown above it seems like a strong possibility

We also have information from the developers that this new expansion will also see a number of new and exciting characters with rich and fulfilling backstories as well as the return of some fan favourites. No word as to who the returning characters are yet though, perhaps some from the main story or maybe even characters returning from events before the Witcher 3. If the games storyline is involving vampires and the undead then maybe, we may even see some of Geralts’ enemies returning from the dead!

So tell me, who do you hope to see in the new expansions? And do you agree with the vampire predictions or do you have your own theories about what the new instalment will hold. If one things for certain, it will have the same twists and turns that The Witcher has become well known for.

Blood and WineBlood and Wine

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