Classic Rockstar titles receive unexpected re-release

Earlier today with no prior warning, two classic PlayStation 2 Rockstar games were released on PlayStation 4. While one PlayStation 2 game had previously been announced to be released this week, Okage: Shadow King (a title never released in Europe up to this point), we also received two of the perhaps lesser known games of the PlayStation 2 Rockstar library, Manhunt and Bully, the latter under its original (and in this humble news writer’s opinion, inferior) title ‘Canis Canem Edit’.

These releases follow the now standard process for all PlayStation 2 games on PlayStation 4, namely 1080p upscaling and trophy support. It is important to note that these, along with all PlayStation 2 games on PlayStation 4 released in Europe, run at 50hz so take note if this is something that may bother you.

‘Bully’ is set in the school of Bullworth Academy (clever right?) in which you play as Jimmy Hopkins, a newly enrolled pupil at the academy, in the open-world title where you can confront bullies and play pranks (as well as attend classes…I guess).

‘Manhunt’ involves convicted inmate James Earl Cash conducting a series of murders under the orders of the mysterious ‘Director’. At its original release, ‘Manhunt’ was considered one of the most violent games ever released, resulting in it being banned in a number of countries.

Both titles are available for purchase right now for £11.99

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