Prototype 1 & 2 sneak their way onto Xbox One

Update: No improvements have been made to graphics, with reports that the looks aweful for a remastered next-gen game. It appears that only frame-rate and resolution have been changed. Stay away for £39.99? We know you will…

A bundle featuring Prototype 1 and Prototype 2 has appeared on the Xbox One Store and is available to purchase now after Activation have seemingly performed a stealth-release.

The bundle costs £39.99 and will give you access to Prototype 1 & 2 as well as all the DLC which was released for both games. It is not possible to purchase each game seperately so if you wish to play 1 or 2, you will have to shell out nearly £40

However it hasn’t been made clear what improvements have been made to make the bundle next-gen. The original Xbox 360 game was riddled with issues and ran at an estimated 30FPS at only 640p, so it will have to run extremely better if it has made its way onto Xbox One. No new features or additions were mentioned so it is likely that just a next-gen port of the same game with maybe increased performance. Who knows, there may be some graphical enhancements to, or not. If you do purchase the bundle, the download for Prototype stands at 7.38GB while Prototype 2 will eat up 10.22GB of space on your hard-drive.

The bundle has only appeared on the Xbox One store however and currently isn’t available on PlayStation 4, despite rumours of the games re-release originating from the platform after trophies for a PS4 version appeared online in recent weeks.

Source: Xbox One Store

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