Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces releasing this September

A new standalone expansion for Company of Heroes 2 has been announced by Relic and SEGA. Named “Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces”, this standalone game will be released September 3 and will be priced at £9.99.

Anyone who owns any Company of Heroes content, both new and old, will receive a 20% discount for Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces, meaning that you can grab it for around £8. If you pre-order through Steam, you will also receive a 10% discount, however this doesn’t stack with the previous discount.

The new expansion will introduce 15 new units as well as six new commanders, all of whom come with their own unique abilities. British Forces will also add eight new multiplayer maps to the game all of which will feature historic battlegrounds from World War 2. There will also be improvements to the game’s visuals and animations which will be applied to most infantry units featured in the game.

“The British Army has been one of the most requested factions since we first announced Company of Heroes 2 three years ago. The British were a major player in WWII and we are excited to bring their unique makeup and overall tactical doctrine to the Company of Heroes 2 battlefield,” said Greg Wilson, executive producer at Relic Entertainment. “Finally, every player – whether they are new to the franchise or a long standing fan – can play The British Forces and have a compelling multiplayer experience with an army that can certainly go toe-to-toe with every other faction in the game.”

Alongside the release of Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces, every game in the Company of Heroes 2 franchise will receive a major update which will improve the overall balance of all the factions featured in the game.



Source: SEGA

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