Ark: Survival Evolved sales surpass 1 million

The hugely popular survival game developed by Studio Wildcard, Ark: Survival Evolved, has sold over 1 million copies on Steam since its Early Access release just over a month ago.

For anyone not familiar with the newest big hitter in the survival genre, Ark: Survival Evolved tasks players with surviving on an island inhabited by both dinosaurs and fellow survivors who have been stranded on the island. You must hunt and fight as you try to thrive, build your own base, craft weapons, clothes and weapons and tame and ride dinosaurs! We included Ark: Survival Evolved as the best survival game of 2015 in our guide to what survival games you must be playing this year!

Ark: Survival Evolved managed to sell 400k units within the first week of its launch securing over $10m in gross revenue and cementing the game as the top seller on Steam, a spot it has truly cemented.

The game will also be making its way onto Xbox One and PlayStation 4 which will no doubt increase the games popularity further and make it mainstream among all gamers. No release date for this has been put in place yet, however.

Purchase Ark: Survival Evolved now!

Ark: Survival Evolved! Available now on Steam Early Access



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