Firewatch sales are beyond Campo Santo’s “wildest expectations”

Sales of Campo Santo’s Firewatch have been beyond the developers “wildest expectations”, the studio has revealed on Twitter. Not only is that good news for Firewatch and the prospect of the game heading to Xbox One, but it also means that thanks to the huge sales of Firewatch, Campo Santo will be around for a long time.

While no figures have been given with regards to PS4 or PC sales, SteamSpy shows that roughly 190,000 PC players own Firewatch on Steam and while in terms of Steam that figure may seem rather low, it’s important to note that the game does cost £14.99 which would bring in over £2 million in revenue from the PC release alone. Add to that PS4 sales which are expected to be higher, it’s easy to see how the game has surpassed the studio’s expectations.

While Firewatch is a very short game, taking only a few hours to complete, it has been received positively by the games industry. Ian stated in his review that Firewatch makes for a memorable and intriguing experience and while it is over too quickly and left him wanting more, Firewatch is nonetheless a special number.

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