Nintendo Switch Has Now Outsold the NES

To say the Nintendo Switch has been a success is a huge understatement. New figures from Japan now show the Nintendo Switch has outsold the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) worldwide.

Nintendo reported that they had officially sold 61.44 million Switch consoles by the end of June 2020, with the NES only ahead of the Switch by 470,000 units. Now, thanks to the latest sales numbers out of Japan from the week ending August 9th, Switch has overtaken the NES in worldwide sales.

Since July 1st, the Switch has sold 595,250 consoles in Japan alone. This means that the Switch lifetime sales now sit at 62.03 million, and that’s not counting what the sales numbers in other regions have been.

It’s truly quite the accomplishment for Nintendo, whose Switch console managed to overtake the NES in only 39 months on sale (whereas it took the NES/Famicom 20 years on sale to reach it’s 61.91 million lifetime number). This makes the Nintendo Switch Nintendo’s 2nd best-selling home console of all time (behind Wii), the 5th best selling Nintendo device of all time (behind Nintendo DS, Game Boy, Wii, Game Boy Advance, and 3DS) and the 12th best-selling video game hardware of all time.

Up next on the lifetime hardware charts for Nintendo Switch is the Nintendo 3DS, which currently sits at 75.97 million units sold. After that, the PlayStation Portable sits at 80.82 million and the Game Boy Advance at 81.51 million.

Source: GoNintendo

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