Prison Architect’s New Expansion Island Bound Now Available

Prison Architect’s newest expansion, Island Bound, is now available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

For the first time in the game, players will now be able to create their very own prison islands, secluded from the outside world and surrounded by nothing but the open sea. No doubt taking inspiration from the infamous Alcatraz, Island Bound introduces a number of new logistical challenges that come with the territory of running a prison designed to make escape impossible.

Since there’s no access road, Island Bound introduces new ways to ferry supplies, prisoners and visitors to your island by adding ferries, boats and helicopters. Wardens will be able to link these to specific delivery points, allowing you to choose what part of your island is used for what. However, more access points provide more places where contraband can be sneaked into your prison.

Here’s a list of the new transportation options available to players:

  • Docks: use 4 new boat vehicles to replace the standard road services.
  • Civilian Ferry, Inmate Ferry and Supply Boat.
  • Helipads: use 3 new helicopters to replace the standard road services.
  • Supply Helicopter and Prisoner Intake Helicopter.
  • Contraband is available for prisoners at both Docks & Helipads.

To help players tackle fires, respond to emergencies and to put down any riots, Island Bound also adds Air Fire Fighters, Air Paramedics and Elite Ops, who are a squad of new “Elite Ops” units who are higher level than Riot Guards.

There’s a number of other new additions to the game, as well including new security equipment and dozens of new items that can be placed in your prison. A full changelog can be found here.

Island Bound is available right now on PC for £7.19, while the expansion on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version is available for £8.39.

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