The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Ages for £5

A lot of us have suddenly found substantially more time on our hands thanks to a certain world event that shall not be named. With all this newfound time, there is no better time to dust off that Nintendo 3DS that is hiding away as there is a brilliant discount that could net you two incredible entries into The Legend of Zelda franchise for just five English pounds.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages were originally released on the Game Boy Color almost twenty years ago! They are two excellent entries in the Zelda franchise, and to pick them both up for a fiver is a brilliant deal. It is not quite as simple as logging onto the Nintendo eShop and paying for them though; you will need 60 gold reward coins linked to your Nintendo ID.

Two classic Zelda games for £5! Yes, please.

Nintendo has had the gold coin reward system around for a while now, and if you are a frequent user of the Nintendo store on your Nintendo Switch, you may find you have built up a substantial amount of the digital currency.

To get the deal for both Zelda titles, head to the website, log in with your Nintendo ID and use your built up coins. Once that has gone through, all you need to do his head onto the eShop in the 3/2DS and the first option there should have exclusive discounts for you, which will be the two games; if you choose to get both, that is.

It is a simple process that will net you two amazing Zelda titles, enjoy!

If you haven’t checked out the latest release in The Legend of Zelda series, the fantastic remake of Link’s Awakening, you can check out our review here

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